Cooking with the right amount of heat is ever so important – sometimes when you start it takes time to heat up and other times when it threatens to scorch what you are cooking, you turn the heat down and let it simmer. Thereby intensifying the tastes of what you are creating by letting it stir pleasantly in its own delicious  juices!

For a little over three months now, Back Burner Productions has been doing just that – simmering!

After  five and half amazing years in Toronto, Back Burner Productions has moved it artistic cooking pot to the  amazing stove top of beautiful Prince Edward County!

Colin Bruce Anthes and Naomi Tessler performing 'Almost' by Krista dalby 2010 at the In House Theatre in Toronto

Just as Back Burner Productions worked in Toronto moving between it’s home run theatre venue the ‘In House Theatre’ and other established venues, while collaborating with a wide variety of other theatre and arts companies – it will continue to do so in Picton, Ontario, primarily operating out of the historic Colonial home and education, arts and wellness centre owned by Renia Tyminski known as ‘Hallowell Gardens‘.

Beautiful Hallowell Gardens

As Back Burner Productions always works towards providing educating experiences and opportunities for emerging and mature artists of all ages and walks of life – moving into a place where these workshops and learning opportunities could be made more accessible and allow for the proper space for them to happen was integral to the company’s ongoing growth.

Needless to say, moving an entire theatre company to a new home is quite the job regardless of how far you’re going!

After finishing the last show of our 2010/2011 Season, “Jackie and Jack” and even leading up to its short three-day run at the Lower Ossington Theatre, myself and a large host of helping hands worked to pack up the theatre and prepare it for its journey to Prince Edward County. It was a whirl wind of activity, and in the tiny, tiny basement apartment I was living in, it was activity that was dearly cramped!

Katrina Carey, Glyn Bowerman, Annanda DeSilva and Roselie Williamson in 'Jackie and Jack' Written by Jim Christy

Over the course of two weeks my father (Carpenter, Lathenter, Poet) Gary Doucette, along with his little Jack Russel Terrier ‘Spanky’ helped me move all of the theatre’s things down in his truck. We had to add sides to it to be able to pack the truck high enough and full enough to get it all done! Even so, in the last load we left behind a few little tables and shelves along with ‘GASP’ my only TV. (Not such a loss really considering the saying ‘over 500 channels and nothing good is on’. I can’t say I’ve ever been a big TV person, but I still miss watching the odd movie or playing a  game from time to time.)

Gary Doucette reads from his second book of poetry 'Thoughts from a Rebel Hippie II' at the In House Theatre 2010

Now it is early May, 2011 and things are starting to heat up again under the old burner!

So come and join us as we get cooking at Back Burner Productions!


~ The New 2011/2012 Back Burner Productions season!

~ You can at last read about and keep up to date with us on our new Blog and information site here on Word Press! and  you’ll be able to likewise do so with our Partner ‘Hallowell Gardens: Education, Arts & Wellness Centre!

~ Back Burner Productions very own Artistic Director Guy Doucette will be releasing at long last a new music album containing three of his song cycles recorded by producing and recording artist David Stein! An exciting development and beautiful story that was only made possible by a large group of wonderful and supportive friends! This is a story I can not wait to share!

~ Back Burner will also be presenting a musical short called ‘FRANKORNSTEIN and the STALKING TERROR’ at  Small Pond Arts newest arts event ‘CORNOGRAPHY’  in July!